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Welcome to AffiliateWhiteList

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Welcome to AffiliateWhiteList

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:36 pm

Hey buddies,

thanks a lot for visiting our website.

Why does our website exist?

Some time ago it began, affiliate programs were kicking out their affiliates for inactivity reasons.
That means, if you do not bring a certain amout of purchasing customers your account willl get closed and you will lose your trackings and further commissions there. For an affiliate this is absolutely horrible.

It went up those programs got blacklisted on several websites.

What are we doing here?

Our task is building up a so callled whitelist. With our programs you can start promoting without risking your accumulted trackings and life time earnings.

What is your advantage of joining us?

We think this is a good way to keep a serious earnings potential.
We are not able to guarantee the programs we are listing will not take the same action but we are sure taking good programs on a whitelist will stop those actions.

You will find serious and well paying affiliate programs here, you are free to set own affiliate links in our advertising area and we recommend giving us feedback.

Have a good posting and reading time.

Best regards

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